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No longer working—it now only gives me option to "Take a Screenshot"


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About a week ago, this began to happen. 


I click the icon in the toolbar (either Safari, OR Chrome), and what USED to come up was the web clipper default window. 

NOW... it attempts to go there, but that window disappears, and only "Take A Screenshot" comes up. 


This is in BOTH of my browsers, as mentioned above.


I am running on Mac OS X — 10.9.4 / MacBook Pro

Not sure what the version of web clipper is.


Thanks for any help! (see attachment)




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Here's what most likely is going on.

- Your last saved clip was a screenshot.

- Your preference is set to start the clipper in the last used clip mode = screenshot (this is the default setting)


You can:

- Click the cancel to go back to all clip options.

- You can also change the preference for what mode the clipper should start in in the Options page. 


Let me know if that helps

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