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Need to access Evernote from third party app


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I would like to access Evernote, like Create a new Voice Note shortcut to place in another app, in this instance a Car Dock app, so I can make a voice note while driving. But instead of trying to hit the small widget button, it would be much nicer to acces it via a shortcut.

I use this today but again, I use the normal widget, but the icon is very small and hard to hit while concentating on driving too. 
Many other applications could come to mind.


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What kind of device are you using?

On an iPhone or iPad, Siri can be used to open a new Audio Note.  It opens the default app, AudioMemos.  Later, you can then email it to your Evernote account if you wish.

Although, I am sure you use caution using anything while driving, (for the inexperienced driver) taking those type of actions are best when the vehicle is not in motion.

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I'm using Samsung Galaxy S3 and yes there is a std. recordr. Bu the whole idea of using Evernote is that its available verywhere afterwards, withput having to mail it somewhere?


YES, not using the phone while driving, which is exacty why I make a voice recorded message, since it only involves talking and not typing and such.

An again also the reason for this post, since the Evernote Widget is small and a nice big icon would be preferable.

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