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Good Evening,


I was just doing a quick comparison between Evernote Premium and Evernote Business, I use Premium.  Well I noticed something in the sidebar under notes that I found interesting (Personal Notes and Business Notes).  I really liked that feature, but not enough for $10 a month.  Is this something I can do in Premium but missed a step to make that happen?  Thanks for the help.

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The closest thing I can imagine is making a "Personal" and a "work" Stack. You can see, in my setup, I have three stacks: 




Screenshot open(1) Closed(2):https://www.evernote.com/l/ABlrqw7ayy9DUaEToIwcD69TD4ZfCmCs5tQ

I have the . and / prefixes to ensure they appear in the order I like them. 


This also facilitates searching. You can only define one notebook in a search. But you can use stacks to define multiple notebooks. .Work, for example, contains 7 notebooks. I can search all 7 (and ONLY those seven) simultaneously. For example I can limit the search to ONLY Work notebooks by using a query like

stack:.Work {query}

Without this stack, I'd have to either search ALL my notebooks, or search each work notebook individually. 


(note: why I have a stack (tech) that contains one notebook (betas) is silly, but I'm in the midst of a bit of a reorganization so I may be rethinking the need for a "tech" stack). 


(Note2: I also can't stand I have a notebook called "personal" in the ".Personal" stack. Part of it is out of necessity since Cooking and Household are shared, and thus must be their own notebooks, and also cannot contain things that pertain only to me..... Again another organizational thing I'm desperately trying to work out. I hate that type of redundancy.... even new names for the stack/notebook would be satisfactory!) "travel" is a dedicated "offline" notebook on my mobile devices. I only ever put notes in there I need available offline, which 99% of the time are travel documents, next trip is October, so it's empty for the moment. 

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