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Evernote and Kustom Note problem

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I have synced my evernote and kustom note and it was working fine. However, now all my notebooks from evernote are not appearing on kustom note so I can't add to them. I have logged out and back in but no luck.


Any advice?



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Which Evernote client are you using?  No experience of this problem,  but you could try going to your My Account page and checking the Applications tab - revoke access for kustom note and reauthorise it from the app when prompted - that should force KN to rebuild its information.  You might want to check with any support available from KN first though...

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I'm having the same issue.


I revoked KN access. Logged out KN, logged in and re-authorized.

Notebooks still not synced correctly. (too many NB in list.. I had deleted many of them in EN previously.)


Update: ugh.. my brain.

I had deleted Tags not Notebooks.

The notebooks I thought I had deleted were in a stack so I guess that was why I thought they were gone. :blush:

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Does anyone know how to get the KN notes into EN? I linked my EN account to KN.

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