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Evernote version difference, and Windows version very slow

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I tried on Mac and Windows, and found that Evernote (newest version) is comparatively slow in Windows. This means responsible speed in scrolling the list of notes in a notebook, to switch from one note to another. I also compare it with OneNote, and the difference is quite noticiable. Even the Evernote website scrolls notes faster than the desktop version. This is somewhat ridiculous.


For windows, I am using Windows 8.1 although I don't think it matters for this issue.


BTW, for Mac, there are two versions, App Store version, and a standalone version. What is the difference?

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On the Mac, the difference between the App Store and direct download versions is fairly small.

Most notably, they store local data in different locations. In practical terms this doesn't make much of a difference for the most part.

Another difference is that, due to the approval process require to distribute through the App Store, any updates to the application, including fixes for bugs, will show up later in the App Store. I've Seen discrepancies of several weeks between the direct and App Store versions.

There are no features or functions I can think of that differ between the App Store and direct version, except during the discrepancy period where the App Store update comes later than the direct.

In general, the direct version is ideal, in my opinion. I also like to run betas (I live dangerously), which can only be done with the direct download version.

Unfortunately I cannot comment on the windows related issues.

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