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My note just reverted, Everything Lost.



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Do you have a hard drive backup for the computer with Evernote installed? (of course you do! Your job depends on the data stored on your computer, right?) You can try and recover a version of your database that had the up to date note.

No, I have evernote and drop box, those replaced the need for terrestrial data backup. at least i though. the worst part is evernote is on my phone and iPad and they didn't create a conflict when they synced. they just reverted as well. 

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This problem seems to be popping up an awful lot recently, and aside from a few people who managed to sift through backups, or who were otherwise able to retrieve their note by chance, there's been no solution that I've seen posted around here.

This is certainly frustrating! You are not alone in seeing this happen, mostly, it seems, when iOS devices are involved (just anecdotally based on posts I have seen here)

And, there's always a reason for a full blown incremental backup. You should never have to use it, but when you do.... You'll be glad you have it.

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