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Sharing Notebooks in Evernote

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I am a premium user and I would like to share a notebook with another user so we can both see it in Evernote and make edits that both of us can see.  I am having trouble making that happen.  Is there some simple way to do this?

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I created a notebook and went to "share" and it only gave me options to email, create a publicly URL or use social media outlets.  So I emailed it to the person I want to share it with and they received it.  He edited the email and sent it back to me, but the email then stayed outside of the Evernote framework and didn't update the notebook.

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Based on what I am reading here, I think there is some confusion about what a notebook is. 


There are notes and there are notebooks. Notebooks contain notes. Notebooks can be shared, and so can notes, but there are some important differences regarding how this is done, and what sharing facilitates. 


From your description, it sounds like you created a NOTE and attempted to share that. 


Now, do you want to share a single note, or do you want to share a notebook that contains many notes?

Either way, here is some information on how to do both tasks:


Share a note:



Share a notebook:



You may want to spend some time getting to know some of the basic functions of Evernote:


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