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Why has web clipper stopped working in Safari?


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I have enjoyed Evernote and more recently web clipper, however it is has just stopped working in Safari. The button does nothing. What do I do? Is it an update thing? Do I need to reinstall and if so how do I do this?


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No problems here... there was a recent, major, update to the clipper for Safari, and I think for users who have Safari Extensions set to auto update, there's been a bit of turbulence.

You can try the hotkey `  (a back tick, shares a key with a tilde ~) to see if that invokes the clipper. 

You can see if disabling and re-enabling the Web Clipper resolves the issue by going to:

Safari>Preferences>Extensions>Evernote Web Clipper

and un-tick the "Enable" box. Close safari (cmd-q) and open it again (just for good measure), then re-check the box to re-enable the clipper. 


If that doesn't work and you want to reinstall, in Safari, select:

Safari>Preferences>Extensions>Evernote Web Clipper

And tap "uninstall". 


Then, return to https://evernote.com/webclipper/ and download the clipper again. Double click the downloaded file to install the extensions. 

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