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EverNote adds extra blank space when paste from clipboard

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Has anyone run into this problem? I am using Microsoft Management Studio (version 2008 and 2014). As I copy my SQL statement from MSMS and paste to my Evernote, I notice Evernote randomly adds a space between periods and column names.



For example, a statement below from MSMS


Select t1.Column1, t1.Column2, t2.Column3, t2.Column4

From Table1 t1

Inner Join Table2 t2 On t1.Column1 = t2.Column1

Order By t1.Column2


Will be like this after I paste into Evernote note


Select t1. Column1, t1 . Column2, t2 . Column3, t2 . Column4

From Table1 t1

Inner Join Table2 t2 On t1. Column1 = t2 . Column1

Order By t1. Column2


Is it a bug or is there some trick to fix this annoying issue?




P.S. I'm using EverNote


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Hope you don't mind an obvious suggestion... I haven't even tried to use formatting that complex within Evernote itself as while there have been some improvements to the text editor, it still has quite a way to go IMHO. Especially if you are using it on more than just the Windows client. i.e. I use Windows (7) and Android.

You might be better off just using Word or Excel and saving to EN as attachments.

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Yup.  The editor is still pretty basic,  and occasionally has a style all its own.  If spaces (or the lack of them) is important to you,  you're better off attaching a file from another editor into your notes.  You could also cut and paste the code into the note for search purposes,  or print the external editor output as PDF to preserve the format.

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It's December 2015, three and a half years after the report linked above, but the problem still exists.  Using Evernote for any kind of code work is still an enormous headache.  But hey, at least we have... whatever fluff Evernote has added recently.  I don't have any interest, personally, I just want notes synched reliably, without mangling my text.


Related: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/41112-faithful-plain-text-copy-paste/

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yes this is a real problem I want to roll out evernote for all my staff but as we are programmers, web designers and sysadmins we need formatting to be preserved

we have code and scripts and having to edit and check everytime is a huge waste of time and source of errors 

attaching notes is not solution the point speed is, paste a script into a ssh session from the phone / tablet / notebook on site that's what works for us

still haven't found what I am looking for...

<rant-off />



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7 hours ago, Metin Kaya said:

+1. I'm developer and having hard times with this copy/paste problem. I'm about to cancel my premium subscription...

Hey Metin! Evernote brags about how well Premium Subscribers are supported. Would you consider raising it through their "Premium" support channels?

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