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Webclipper loss of functions


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I'm very very sad to see the very recent changes in Webclipper.  Long one of my favorite tools, I discovered to my dismay in the past 48 hours (mystery update, I guess?) that one cannot now save a simplified article as a PDF file, a tool I found very valuable to skirt the ever growing raft of ***** that web pages throw (up).  The only option is to save to Evernote.  It's hard not to think that pressure from outside interests forced this "change".


I also discovered this morning that one cannot get to the end of the list of notebooks (I can only see the very top pixels of a the lower part of my notebooks list)  And that adding a new tag is busted.  Enter that new tag, followed by a comma, enter, as per before.  But now if I have made a spelling error and delete that tag, I cannot add ANY new tag.


It always puzzles me that so many things break when basic changes are made.  It's kinda sad.

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