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Android App improvement suggestion

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Hello! I am an avid Evernote user, having used it for a long time across many platforms. I thought I would post here in hopes of solving a problem I have with Evernote. I have difficulty sometimes switching from one interface to another across devices as they are not as similar as they should be. Accessing my shortcuts is a particular point of contention - they're stored in a different place for some reason. I like how on Evernote desktop and web they are pinned above my regular notes; but accessing them on my two android devices is not intuitive or easy to remember, I have to search for them each time. I hope in the future the cross platform interfaces are made similar and more intuitive :)

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Unlikely -- the small form factors of the various mobile devices means that UIs will almost always be different than the desktops. It might be nice if like device types (Mac & Windows desktops or the iOS & Android clients, say) were more similar, but then again, the separate operating systems can have UI conventions (not that Evernote always respects those) that would lead to different expressions of similar functionality.

As it is now, the teams are largely dependent, and that includes UI design.

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