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Problem syncing notes and atlas





When I share a notebook with someone, the person is not able to see the map properly as it should. Few problems come up:
1. When I share the first notebook, she doesn't even have access to the atlas that corresponds to the notebook
2. When I share a second notebook (all the notes are based in London) , it splits into two London atlas for no reason in her Evernote account when only one normal London atlas is showing to mine.

Another complete different question about Evernote...
For your record, all my notes are automatically synced to my address until I change it one by one manually.
Would it be possible to select all my personal notes at once and change the location automatically?

Looking forward to your reply.
Thank you



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I'm not even sure the Atlas is meant to cope with shared notebooks - but if it isn't working,  that may be a hint to try another solution for your use case.  At the moment there's only one route to change individual note locations and that's not especially friendly.  Good feature request for the developers,  but this isn't something you can find a fix for - it's just not available at the level you seem to need.

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Hi again, 

For now, I have a premium Evernote account but the people I'm sharing notebooks with only have a basic account.

As the business account is based on sharing notebooks, would I be able to do what I am looking to do then?

Thank you 


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