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Import Folder - Problems With Import


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Hi all,


I have a number of 'Import Folders' set up for Word docs and pdf docs.


Just set up a new Notebook for some pdf files and they won't import. I also removed the pdf's, then re created the Import Folder, then put the pdf's back in the folder and that didn't work.


Tried saving a pdf to other folders I have set up on Import and that didn't work.


Tried to save a Word doc to the new folder but that didn't work.


Tried saving the pdf to a folder I use for Word docs and it worked!


Basically it seems random as to what can and cannot save to folders and Import to Notebooks.


Any ideas before I raise a ticket?






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Weird.  If the file uploads from another folder there's nothing apparently wrong with the file - must be something hinky (technical term) with the folder.  Try renaming / recreating it?  Only other thought would be that there's a max number of import folders we didn't know about - how many import folders do you have?

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Hi Seb,


Thanks for your thoughts.


Some of the existing folders don't work either!



Hi Gaz,


Yes, I thought that as well, but I have had many more in the past.


Very annoying!






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I've never heard of a limit on import folders. Feel free to message over your Ticket # if you contact the support team (Which if you have already deleted and recreated the import folder and you are still having this issue, may be the next option. )

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