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Stamps / Annotation Without Duplicate Notes?



Hello I like to keep track of receipts I receive and quickly send to Evernote. Usually when I'm down on time I just quickly fowarrd them on from my email account. Then later I will record them elsewhere. I will then annotate the note in Evernote so I know I already recorded it. However when I annotate things, it has to do it as a PDF and creates a brand new note, leaving the old one in my notebook. This really defeats the purpose of annotating the note. Is there any way around this? 


As a feature request, what I'd like to be able to do is stamp the note as recorded or label it in some way that is quickly viewable at a glance. A colored symbol that stands out like what I can do with skitch but without duplicate notes.  Skitch needs to be more built in? No pop-up windows...

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The quickest way to 'mark' a note as processed is to assign it to a different notebook,  or to tag it with something suitable.

I know that would work, but still would love to see stamps embedded in evernote somehow. I will post as a suggestion feature wherever suggestions are in these forums. Thank you!


P. S. Annotating PDFs, shouldn't create a duplicate by default wether I am using them to track issues or not. Who wants a bunch of duplicate notes? Just wish there was an option ("Annotate this note" or "Annotate Copy")

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This is the forum for suggestions too,  so you've already made the point - although you can contact Evernote directly via the support ticket link (below) if you'd like to present a more detailed case.  


Don't know why Annotation produces a duplicate,  though you can always replace the current note attachment with the new file to avoid that happening...

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