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Webclipper doesnt work with safari reader mode


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Webclipper is awesome but in most cases it doesn't remove clutter( ads and stuff ) properly.

Safari Reader removes clutter the correct way. But when you hit Reader in Safari on an article, the evernote web clipper bookmarklet doesn't work anymore.

So currently i use Safari Reader to Remove clutter.

Then hit Command P, Save as PDF, then import the PDF in Evernote.

I hope this can be done in less steps.

Any ideas about this?

Ive added a pic to show difference.


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I can't us the webclipper only when downloaded again. Then it runs a few time and out of a sudden it stops. Same thing happened when my Mac was switsched off and restarted. Then the webclipper has disappeared at all. Tried everything what was suggested in the forum already. It simply will not work properly

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I'm not sure what you 'want' based on your posts so far. 


- Safari Reader mode and Web Clipper don't talk to each other, meaning we have no access to whatever Safari Reader produces and thus you cannot clip it. (Safari constraint I'm afraid)

- You mention the bookmarklet, if that is what you use I recommend you use the Web Clipper instead www.evernote.com/webclipper

- As far as cleaning up pages go, in the Web Clipper we have what we call 'Simplified article' which aims to remove junk and just give you the article content. It's an algorithm that does this job and as such it may not be 100% accurate at all times, and all pages depending on how they are built. We continuously improve it so if you think it's not producing good results we'd like to know. The best is if you can post the URL of the page so we can investigate.  

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just realized, that I put my comment in the wrong topic (reader mode). It definitely concerns Safari when I want to clip an article from the normal mode of safari (e.g. www.orf.at but also all other pages without exception)

It means I download the WebClipper always new , when I need it. Then it works properly but after quitting the browser and coming back  after a while the WebClipper doesn't work again. It means clicking the elephant shows no reaction  and the game (download etc. etc. ) starts again. I actually use OS X 10.9.4 . So according to my feeling it has something to do with the  system . By the way I swithced off all other extensions.

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Thx, that explains it a bit better. A couple of things to check:

- Do you have any preference that resets Safari each time you restart it.

- Make sure you have Javascript enabled.

- Make sure you allow cookies from Evernote. 


A couple of Safari specific things:

- CSP settings from the site publisher may prevent any extension to execute code. 

- After long idle time Safari may power down certain things such as extensions. Typically refreshing the page will make it work again. 

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