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Consolidating Notes

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I use evernote more than anyhting else on my computer.  However, it's difficult to do some very simple "housekeeping" chores.



How do you merge and not verify that the correct title is going to be used?  Right now, I believe it uses the topmost title as the title of the newly created note.



I'd like to sometimes take a PDF that was clipped into my inbox via my phone, web clipper, etc. and place it together into an existing file.  There is no really easy way to drag and drop without having multiple windows open. 




These would be great to try to consolidate notes into a smarter system that tracks your usage patterns.


If anybody has any solutions, I'd be very appreciative ahead of time.





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You didn't say which Evernote client you're using, which is really helpful in offering solutions/tips/etc. I use th eWindows client, and sometimes the web client. No Mac.

The order of the notes that are merged depends on your operating system. For the Windows Evernote client, it's basically pick order if you Ctrl+click select; but it's top-to-bottom is you shift+Click select.

The Windows client allows you to have multiple windows open. You can also cut/paste attachments.

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