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Problem with email

Luciano Fagnani

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Good mornig.

This is my problem: i need to send to myself  from my gmail account to rhe same gmail account.

After i sent the mail in my email sent folder i see that the mail was sent to evernote account:

i tried to uninstall Windows evernote but i have the same problem

Someone can help me?





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Hello Luciano!


There is absolutely no need to uninstall Evernote for Windows. Evernote will now simply contain the notes you sent by mail. All you have to do is to delete the note(s) inside the Evernote app by right-clicking on the thumbnails or by going to the note and by clicking the dustbin icon. Hope this helps or isn't this the actual problem?

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Hi.  This is a public forum and your Evernote account address will direct any incoming emails into notes.  I recommend you delete the screenshot on your original post!


If Gmail sent your email to the 'wrong' address,  all you have to do is take care next time you're sending emails to use the correct one..

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thank you for your reply.

But probably i didnt explane well my problem

I mean:

i send an e mail from my gmail account xxxx.xxx@gmail.com to myself xxx.xxx.@gmail.com (i'm sure to do that)

i dont receive any mail to the xxx.xxx@gmail.com but i receive that mail on evernote account.


This issue came out a few weeks ago. 
Previously the problem would not show up 
I do not know if some setting is changed erroneously or something else
Thank about screenshot


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Did you set up a rule in gmail to forward emails to your Evernote account?  There's nothing in Evernote that even looks at emails as they are sent or received,  so your account address must be added by some other process.

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