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Where is Formart Painter and Text Highlight Tool?

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Hi, I'm using Windows and web edition. I couldn't find Format Painter function on both of two platforms. Text highlight is only reside in Windows with no selectable color.

Also, I can hardly modify the format which copied from webpage. The notes can not reordered follow user's inclinations.

I need a more powerful Evernote just like Microsoft OneNote. :)

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What you see is what you get. One highlighter colour. No Format Painter. Clipped content can be modified but because of the formatting dictated by the clipped page's underlying HTML code, exactly how much changing can be done, and how predictable those changes are, is hard to know. Most often you will find you can modify clipped pages, but that the results are clumsy at best. It's hard to hack and chop at a webpage. Not sure how OneNote clips pages, if I recall it used screenshots, which are likely much less modifiable... though perhaps that has changed with the various recent updates. 

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