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Cannot add notebooks from my PC?


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I have tried to use evernote a few times in the past and I wanted to give it another try. I started out an hour ago to add some additional notebooks from my pc, but when I selected "add a new notebook" nothing happens! I tried everything I could think of, restarting evernote, rebooting my pc (I am running Win8.1 on a dell laptop), but nothing worked. Just for giggles, I tried adding a notebook or two using my android phone, and that worked! Then when I did a sync they showed up on my pc. Why is this not working? Since I will generally be importing information into evernote using my pc and not my phone, that is where I will need to add additional notebooks as needed. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? Thanks!

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A notebook can contain (AFAIK) up to 100,000 notes,  so adding more than one new notebook on a new account seems overkill..  plus clicking on Help and the Getting Started guide will take you through the steps of creating and organising notes.


Click on View and Show Left Panel to see a list of notebooks and tags.  Right click on the heading Notebooks and choose Create New Notebook...

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Thanks for the quick response! I did try your suggestions; I went to view, left panel and clicked on show notebooks, then they showed up in the left panel. I can now right click on "notebooks" and I get the create notebook option.


But, if I go to file, new notebook, that still does not work.



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