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Why Is The Monthly Upload Allowance So Small?

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Dear Evernote,


I am referring mainly to the Premium and Business Accounts, I understand that you can and probably should limit uploads in any way you like for people who are using your amazing service for free.


But...why not something like...


Free 1GB

Premium 5GB

Business 10GB


$5 a month to increase one's quota by only 1GB seems rather ridiculous when compared to current cloud storage prices.


Thank you.



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I usually get between 40-50 MB of my allowed free accounts 60 MB, but I often clip websites with lots of images (photoshop and other tutorials etc).  When I had a premium account I almost never went over the 60 MB.  I maybe have gone over the 60mb a few times but never anywhere near the 1 GB. 


Then again I also do run with sync set to mannual and sync only a few times a day because I often edit notes and each change to a note the gets synced means the whole kb/mb of that note is charged against your limit even if you only change a word or two.  Also I only have a few shared things with 1 person and those notes don't get updated much.


So much like Gazumped I am wondering what your requirements are that you want the limits bumped?

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I too am rather "experienced", and use Evernote for both my professional and personal endeavours, so most hours of most days. I too rarely get close to 60mb, let alone my 1gb premium quota.... Sometimes when I do some heavy duty archiving of notes from expired projects things can ramp up, because I have a strange and clumsy and inefficient archive strategy,mbut that's about once or twice a year.

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Good to throw this in the air.


Personally I think the upload limits are very good either way. Before I went Premium I never topped the 60MB limit. Since Evernote allowed us - first forced us (?) - to make higher quality recordings I topped the 60MB straight from the first month because I mainly used it to record songs or remember melodies. After the second month I decided to go Premium and I haven't regretted it any since, despite we can now set the quality of recordings back to normal.


Since becoming a Premium member I use Evernote way more, in so many more ways and to store so many more things. Normally I reach about 600MB up to 800MB a month, while I use it quite heavily. No problems with the 1GB/storage a month and very content.

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Closing on my home in two days.

I spent last month scanning hundreds of documents into Evernote. It's a lot easier to move when my paper has the weight of a few atoms.



Even with all these documents, I could not hit the Evernote monthly cap.


...but, I do not use Evernote for photo storage, especially if photos in RAW format.

I put my photos and videos into cloud sites designed for visual media.

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I have recently started using the service to clip web images. Looking back at the data though, even if I was downloading 2880 × 1800 Wallpapers, I would have to be clipping almost 1,000 images a month to reach the cap. I also like to take photos of receipts, bills, etc.,. I don't know what resolution these photos are stored at, but I have it set to "full res" in the evernote app. 


So I definitely jumped the gun, I'm just someone who always worries about running out of storage space.


I would like there to be some consideration of a drop in the price for monthly "data boosts", maybe $1-2 for Premium and Business customers. $5 for 1 GB seems like an overdraft fee at a bank. 


Thanks you all for helping to clarify this. :)

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I do a fair bit of receipt scanning myself, especially when travelling. I use the highest res for the document camera. The image files that are produced are not huge. Many people would get away with a free quota given how small the file sizes are. You'd have to be scanning volumes to use up a 1gb quota per month.

In general scanning with the application does a great job of conserving quota.

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I'm a heavy Evernote user, I clip tons of stuff from websites, as well as scanning receipts and other documents, occasional voice recordings, and a couple dozen pictures a week. Today, at the end of my current upload cycle, it looks like I'm just under 250 MB. It's been a fairly average month for me.


If I had a big scanning project or some other temporary need for an increase, $5 for 1 GB doesn't seem excessive when I compare it to the alternative -- saving stuff until the next month to upload, keeping track of what needs to be uploaded, remembering to do it, all that mess. But then, I consider the yearly cost for Premium to be one of the best bargains in my life. I guess the idea of paying the Evernote folks a few extra bucks now and again doesn't bother me.


That said, I do like the point about comparing the $5 charge to a bank overdraft fee. Except, even there I pay less and feel I get better value. :)

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I would like there to be some consideration of a drop in the price for monthly "data boosts", maybe $1-2 for Premium and Business customers. $5 for 1 GB seems like an overdraft fee at a bank.

Well, the current fee of $45/year is pretty minimal.  If you start to exceed that when starting up, using the two alternatives is reasonable...either put items in local notebooks & move to sync'd ones when you have the space or pay $5 for an extra gig (which is a reasonable charge, IMO). Sure, there are other cloud options that may cost less or be free (including the EN free version).  But I suspect if you thought there was a better value for what you get with Evernote (cloud, multiplatform, OCR & indexing of notes, etc), you would be using it. 

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