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Reiner Knudsen

TextExpander support on iOS

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I am using Evernote a lot to take notes and write journals. TextExpander helps me a lot to boost my writing efficiency. Evernote for iOS just doesn"t support it. I understand that other 3rd party apps which kind of integrate with Evernote do but I'd like to see Evernote to support TE on iOS directly.

Is there a chance?

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This is the feature that keeps me from using Evernote on iOS as much as I would like. Getting notes from FastEver is not the same. Most of the time I am editing existing notes. 



Are there plans to integrate with TextExpander? Thank you for listening.

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I would like to add my support for this feature request. Evernote, please add native support for TextExpander. It would make your product that much more powerful.

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