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(Archived) Evernote over a network

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I'm a newbie to Evernote. I've previously used Onenote as it was bundled with my version of Office, but I think Evernote might work better for me.

I'm in a really small law firm. Really small means one lawyer + me (general serf). I'm currently drowning in a sea of paper, and hoping to tempt my boss to go paperless. I'm looking to get Evernote working over our network. We've only got two machines both running windows.

A folder on his machine shows as a separate drive on my machine (maybe this is how all networks work, I don't know).

We use this to store all the client documents. I'd like to scan all documents that come in as PDFs, and print all documents sent out as PDFs. The respective folders they'd be scanned/printed to would be watched, and auto-imported into Evernote. I could then happily tag and organise them, and then only print out the PDFs when litigation ensues, and I can print off a batch of PDFs in one go rather than spending the whole day photocopying.

I note Evernote doesn't like watching a network drive - I'm planning on dropping my stuff into this shared drive that shows up on my PC. is that not going to work?

How do I set up the Evernote instances to talk to each other over a network? Obviously if I synchronized to the net, everything would be sorted. Given the confidentiality restrictions in the UK (which I haven't explored fully) I expect I'm not allowed to do this. Can I set up both instances of Evernote to look at the same database file? On my machine, I can't see the shared drive when I want to do this, although it shows in windows explorer. Is there any clever work around for this?

Would I be able to work on the same note as my boss at the same time?

Thanks in advance for any comments!


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There isn't really a good way to run two different desktop machines that share data over a LAN like this. You can Export notes manually and then Import them on the second computer, but nothing that would be seamless unless you're synchronizing with our service.

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