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Am 70 yo new to computers installed Evrnte on MacBook PRO i7 13" OS 10.8.5 added a "0" to <josefponce>without losing info, ?change?

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At 70 y.o. got a  i7 MacBook Pro 13" OS 10.8.5 that changed my Evernote Account name by adding a "0," zero, <josefponce0>.  How do I change the Mac Evrnte name to <josefponce>, like on my Android 2.3, Win7 Toshiba Satellite, HP Win8.1; without loosing my Evrnte info?  How do I find an answer?  Any help, great for you all.  


Very useful tool for individual and group projects and simply plain review material for learning.

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Hi josef.  Where do you see the 'josefponce0' user name?  On your MacBook window,  or in a web browser (if you're using the web version of Evernote)?  Although your account shows that name,  can you still see the same notes that you view on the Android and Windows machines?

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