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(Archived) Is 'Search' programmed with priorities??

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If you just type words into the search box to search, it will return results that are sorted in the same order that you were using to view notes before you searched. So if you've sorted by "updated", then the search results will be sorted in by "updated" time.

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Ummmm ok I have an entry:titled John's Training Records.

I'm searching 'john's and it's way down the list!

I'm in 'Notebook' mode.

Ah, thanks...sorry, probably common knowlege.....

So if I wanted to search a word irrespective of date, notebook, updated, created etc....just by the keyword(s) only, I'd set it how lol???!!

You're confusing two issues. Searching vs sorting search results. You'd double click "all notebooks" & enter the words you're looking for. You can then sort the search results by the various fields in the results pane by clicking on the field title bar. If you have many entries whose titles begin with "John's" and you have the search results sorted alpha/ascending by title, John's Training Records is going to be below "John's Favorite Recipes", "John's birthday wish list", "John's Exercise program", etc. Or, if the search results were sorted by creation date, "John's Training Records" may have a creation date that falls on the low end (depending upon if you're sorting ascending or descending.)

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