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CSV Export of Business Card Imports

Nick Rosener

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I'm trying to justify getting rid of my buggy Neat Scanner in favor of the Evernote Scanner, but I can't get over the fact that there isn't a way to export my scanned cards as a CSV file for importing into email marketing and CRM systems.


Is this possible?


Am I missing something?

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I have been using Evernote for years but have just started to really use it like it should be. This Gentleman has a lot of videos that get into depths that you and I are wanting to do.


In it he describes the use of the moleskin notebook and post it notes I didn't know about but am now using.

In this one he goes over task force which takes notes and makes them tasks in numerous to do things.

I am just starting to try it but if you get the better plan, it integrates with google.


Hope it helps and let me know if you find anything better.

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I forgot to post my workaround, I use kustomnote


It is a form to Evernote note program,

You make the form, anybody can fill it out, the info goes into the Evernote folder of your choice and it integrates with mailchimp if you go premium.

This program is awesome too


It analyses mail and makes sure you don't miss contacts.

I realize I am talking a monthly fee to get it done but I always value my time and if I can get something affordable that frees me up to make real money...... I make signs and plan to use Evernote to make my life easier

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