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Regression in paste matching current style on Mac desktop client



I recently updated to Evernote 5.5.1 Mac desktop client from an unknown version.


When I paste content using Shift-Cmd-V, the background color of the source content is kept instead of matching the destination style's background color. This didn't used to happen before. The background color of the pasted content used to match the destination style, as expected.


To reproduce, open the Mac terminal app, go to "New Window" -> "Homebrew" to get a terminal with a black background. Then, type something, select it, and paste it using Shift-Cmd-V into a new note. You'll see the styling from the text is removed, resulting in black text. You'll also see that the background of the text is kept black, so you end up with black text on a black background, instead of black text on a white background.


My workaround right now is to paste content into another text editor to remove styling before pasting into Evernote, which adds a lot of friction to my workflows.

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I just updated to version 5.6.2 and it appears that the "paste and match style" command does not work at all. Sifts-Cmd-V pastes in the text, but does not match the style of the existing text. It was working fine in the last version I was using...

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It appears that Evernote 6.0 has removed "simplified formatting of pasted content" from preferences. This was a feature I used A LOT! Hopefully it's on the roadmap to reintroduce.


Has anyone found another way to paste content into Evernote without copying the style of formatted content? My work around is to paste the content into a text editor to remove formatting and copy it again to paste it into Evernote as plain text. I loved the "option-command-V" shortcut in previous versions to paste directly into Evernote without any formatting.

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