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editing a checklist screwed it up

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I have a fairly long 200+ line checklist of books to read for one author..  As I read them I click the checklist so I do not buy another copy or borrow it from the library.  Yesterday when I checked one off, a carriage return was inserted after every checklist box in the list.  I do not know how that could have happened nor if there is a way to reset it back.  Anyone got any ideas short of editing this long list/note to fix the problem and so that it does not happen again.  I have different notes for each author that I like showing the books that they have written, so I do not want this to happen again.  Unfortunately it happened in the longest list.

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@casadiego , try this :


- copy the note (to be sure to not lose anything)

- export it in enex.

- open it with a text editor

- edit -> replace <br/> with nothing

- save & import note in EN


I'd like also to suggest you something. Instead of a unique note per author you can have one per book, with a checkbox inside and use advanced searches to display lists of read/unread/all book of an author.


If you use tags for authors you can filter the search all books this way : tag:author - if you have a notebook per author, this way : notebook:author.

For unread books : add todo:false in the search

for read books : add todo:true

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