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Copying notes (10.6 MB) Taking over 12 hours? Can't access any of my notes. Please help!



When trying to manually update my Evernote from 5.5.1. to 5.5.2., an Evernote App Store installation was detected. So I had to switch over to the Evernote website download instead. The problem is that it's taking way too long to make this transition. There is no way to truly detect if my notes are actually being copied at all being that there is no actual progress bar showing the download speed. This is a extremely frustrating being that I have been unable to access my notes all day. Is there any way possible to detect if this transition is actually even working, or how long it may continue to take?

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This is the message that I am seeing when attempting to download Evernote:


"A Mac App Store installation of Evernote has been detected. Evernote needs to make a new copy of your notes. This may take up to several minutes if you have a large account."


Obviously this is taking much longer than "several minutes".

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Provided you have no unsynced notes I'd recommend that you uninstall Evernote and reinstall it - this is clearly not expected behaviour.

I initially could not even fully uninstall Evernote. When I tried, I kept getting a message that said "A Mac App Store installation of Evernote has been detected". I finally was able to resolve the problem by installing App Cleaner in order to remove all of Evernotes hidden files, after that I was finally able to reinstall Evernote from the website download and quickly access my notes.

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This may be too little too late,  but do you use Note Links to any degree?  It's been pointed out on G+ that re-downloading your database can break note links.  You might want to re-check any that you have...

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