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No more publik link for notebooks?


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Sharing of single notes is like usual.

But seems you can share a whole notebook now only tho other Evernote users? No more possible to generate a public link??? (Windows 5.6 Beta and iOS)


This would be a big drop behind other services. To show notes and materials to colleagues and other non-Evernote-users is essential for a lot of us.

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That's correct, it seems like it was an unannounced changed.... Noticed some chatter about it elsewhere on the board, and stumbled onto it myself recently.

There was a post from another user who contacted support about it. Apparently the change was motivated by some concern for security. Beats me what the problem was, or what removing public notebooks resolves..

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This is a bad decision indeed. There were multiple methods....view/view edit. Sharing a whole notebook was most certainly a great convenience.

As of this moment, we can still share notebooks with multiple settings. We have to invite people to these "private" notebooks, just as we always have. In the past, public notebooks could only be shared, with no settings for editing and so forth. It's these non-customizable, but powerful notebooks that are gone. I don't know how long these will be around, though. If public notebooks had "security" issues, why wouldn't all of the sharing have security issues? In fact, it would be nice to know how serious these issues were and whether we ought to be doing something to protect ourselves. Inquiring minds want to know.

Eventually, perhaps, Evernote will explain things. But, we never (as far as I know) heard why they abandoned the mobile site, which had been around at least as long as public sharing, so I wouldn't expect anything. I suppose the "why" doesn't matter, really. The decision has been made, and if they wanted our input, they would have solicited it. I thought both features were very convenient, and they are missed.

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