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Good day everyone!

I'm a new user of Penultimate for iPad. I'm having a rather good experience with it so far, and I find it extremely useful to have a place to write my notes in without having any paper scattered around. Penultimate is removing my need of real notebooks and post-its! However I think there is room for improvement. May I share a couple of remarks?

  • I am a left handed with a "hook grip", and although I optioned the apt wrist rejection, more often than not it fails to detect my wrist and leaves unwanted signs over the lines I've written. It would be fantastic for Penultimate to implement a solution similar to the one INKredible has: this app makes the upper part of the sheet "undetectable", so that a "hook gripped" person like me may lay the wrist upon that zone without leaving any marks.
  • The option of automatically panning the sheet while writing is a bless, but sometimes the panning speed is too high and forces me to stop writing to slow it down. Is there a way to regulate such speed manually or is it automatically detected on the speed of writing?
  • It would be a great addiction to be able to move the toolbar to the bottom of the screen even when the page is zoomed in.
  • A thinner ink option would also be appreciated! :)

This apart, all in all I found Penultimate a great addition to my iPad, and I'm hoping it will become even better. Sorry for my possibly clumsy English: it is not my mother language.

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