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Search results questions- new premium user

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Hi Everyone,


I am a fairly new Evernote user that needs some help. I was overwhelmed searching previous posts so I apologize if this question has already been asked and answered. Feel free to link me to a previous discussion.


One reason I subscribed to Evernote premium was so that I could use the search feature to search all of my notes for certain text. I just started trying this out and have hit a stumbling block. I type a word (or even a part of a word) into my search feature and I see the list of all the notes that contain that word. This is a good start. I noticed that if that searched word appears on the first page of a PDF or within a text note I see the word highlighted within the note or document. 


My question is, if it is not on the first page, how can I quickly see where the word appears in the notes/PDFs that came up in my search results? I guess I am used to the Find feature within web browsers that will show you that the word you search for appears "X" number of times and lets you scroll between occurrences of that word within the text.





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As you've found,  Evernote doesn't necessarily highlight all the occurrences of your search terms in individual notes.  The basic work-around is to open the PDF and use its built-in search function to check through that document for as many occurrences as there may be.  If you have a lot of hits in your search that may be a chore - so while you're searching,  why not add some extra content to the note this file is sitting in - a better title,  some keywords,  or even a full copy and pasted 'executive summary' so if you come back here again you'll know exactly what the content is,  without (necessarily) having to do the whole search and find thing again.  I clip lots,  so it's an ongoing curation task for me to 'manage' the hits in my search operations so I minimise the false positives.

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EDIT: I've just realized the Getting Started Guides I linked are not all up-to-date with the latest versions of apps. Not sure about the Web guide or not as I've never actually used it. But while the look and locations of the apps and their feature may not match the latest updates to them, I would think a little exploring will help find the features and functions they describe, even though the screensots used are out-of-date.

ATTENTION EVERNOTE STAFF: Will you be updating these soon? The only one I actually looked closer at is the Andoid Guide and since the appearance as drastically changed on the latest release (5.9.2), that could be very confusing for a brand new user. I'm sure the same would be true in *any* app that has undergone a major visual makeover since last these guides were updated!

Hi Amanda,

Welcome to the forum!

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