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Sorting order keeps defaulting back to "reverse order"

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How do I change the default sorting from "reverse order from when it was last updated"?

I never have this problem on my ipad version but on my laptop it keeps defaulting back to reverse order from when it was last updated.

I want it sorted by "title" (and not reverse order).



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Every time I go in and use Evernote I change the setting. After I exit and go in again the next day, it has defaulted back.

Very annoying!

I tried it again just now and it hadn't changed - would the shut down somehow upset it?

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Just to explain a little what is happening:

Evernote saves it's settings in the Regsistry. These are saved when Evernote is quit (via the file menu or typically on shutdown etc.)

There are some cases where Evernote doesn't get a chance to do this saving, for instance if it is closed by the system before it is done, or there is some conflict somewhere. (I don't know the exact reasoning, just vague examples :P)

In any case, File - Exit forces the save to the registry and should allow you to save your settings in the event that they do not stay.

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