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on your web start page it says :


" Available on everything you use every day. "


I'm working on linux ... you're a lot of guys working up there ... what's so hard to compile your sources to linux ?


have a good day and take an other coffee brake you must be tired after all the work you do :-)))


Petrigi just waiting

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Evernote have made it pretty clear that a Linux client isn't likely - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/42393-evernote-for-linux/


This doesn't mean they are lazy, it just means that they have chosen not to build a client for this platform.


You do have options, you can use the web or you can use one of the third party clients. If you choose to use an operating system with a very small (and relatively cheap) user base then you are going to have to accept that not all native applications are available to you.

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I didn't got your name but : 


even evernote company do not make the affirmation that :


" Available on everything you use every day. "




" Evernote is currently not available for Linux "


Europe has commercial laws against false  publicity


which means you can not do an affirmation wich is not true, but I'm pretty sure that US must have some laws also about this fact


it's something like : "buy my car it runs on every street --- oh I fogot it won't work in New York -- drive only in Washington --- lol

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