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Looking For Project & Personnel Mgmt. Software

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Hello All,


I am juggling somewhere around 40 projects and sub-projects right now and am managing somewhere around 55 individuals to get everything done.  I'm looking for something that will allow me to view the status of the projects as well as what the people are doing.  I'd like to be able to look at a project and see the history of what I've documented (kick-off meeting with John, assigned Sally to investigate alignment, etc).  Then I would like to be able to click over to a different view and see my people and what they are doing.  So for example I can pull of John's history and see that we had a kickoff meeting, or I can pull up Sally and see that I assigned her to investigate alignment.  Something to track history of projects but allow me to look at it from the perspective of projects OR people.


Any thoughts?

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There are a lot of mature project management apps that work on various platforms.  All due respect to Evernote,  you'd be seriously unwise to try and manage such a huge spread of people and tasks in any way with Evernote or Evernote Business.  Without knowing a lot more detail I wouldn't even begin to offer any suggestions...  Your best bet for recommendations could be a local business group or a professional association.

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