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Advanced search oddness

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The Android implementation of Advanced Search seems a little broken. Say I want to find a note created 15 July this year. Well I've learned through trial & error that "created after" actually means "created on or after" so I can put in this date, but I have to scroll all the way to the bottom to get the notes I want. So I figured "created before" must mean "created on or before" so I'll put this in and the notes I want will be at the top. But for some reason that search returns notes created before that date but none created ON that date. So weirdly "created after" means "on or after" but "created before" means literally "before".


To add further confusion I searched for "created before 16 July 2014" and the results included notes created on 16 July as well as the ones I wanted from 15th. So July 15th is just haunted.

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