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ENEX file will not import


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EN seemed to be taking longer than it should upon exit so I took a look at the activity log. I found 92 lines like this one on the log. 


10:22:39 [7928] 37% Skipping resource "57c2a1e529be6f79b6688ddfab3d9310" of an unsynced note "Financials P6" 


All 92 of the notes were a subset of notes that I moved to a local notebook from a synced notebook back in in early August (3,000 plus notes were moved).  I’ve checked the web and these notes are not on the server any more.  They do exist in the local notebook, as one would expect, but not clear as to why the above “unsynced” message.


To see if there was an issue locally, I exported the local notebook to an ENEX file, 5600 notes, 6 GB, and then deleted it.  After a sync the above message still exists, and the note doesn't appear to exist anywhere.  Corrupted on the server somewhere?  


Now the root of the issue, I cannot import the ENEX that I just created.  I have tried 12 times and it has failed with either a memory error, a commit error, or just flat died with the Fatal Error splash box.  Between each occurrence I deleted the partial Import folder and started over.  It has stopped on four different note counts.  


I am all backed up and am doing Fix All Notes from the Ctrl help menu to see if that will help.   I have submitted a support ticket, but am at a loss as to why a recently exported ENEX file will not import.  Anyone ever seen anything like this?


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If you send over your ticket # I would be happy to investigate. 


Thanks for the offer, ticket# 692479.  



  1. I just took a copy of the ENEX to a secondary PC that I use for testing (it only has synced notebooks on it).  It imported fine.  
  2. There were none of the "unsynced" note messages in the log on that PC.

I'm taking a wild guess and thinking somehow or other my exb got corrupted when I made a bunch of note moves a month or so ago, see ticket# 647931.  Can't hurt so I'm going to rebuild from the server and see if it fixes itself.  


Weird though, don't know how the log can reference a note that does not exist in any of my notebooks (after I removed the offending local notebook)




Rebuilt my EXB from the server and then was able to import all ENEX files without any issues.  Activity log is now clean without any of the unsynced note lines.  Would like to know where those entries in the log came from I suppose....  Net result seems to be the inability to import an ENEX file, not the best of results.  Anyway all is well now.   :)

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