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Can I stay logged into Web Clipper?


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Thanks for the free evernote chrome extension, I really like it and it's been useful to me.  I'm not sure if I'm at the right place for this question, so I'll try and see what happens.  


Because of new legislation here in Canada, a certain bank that I deal with does not send confirmations buy email any more.   I use to search my gmail for a particular amount, and the confirmation email would come up, was very useful.


Now they only give me a confirmation page on the web, I need to take the text portion of this web page and send it to my gmail, evernote can do it (I use fullpage - works fine) but I have to type in my email each time, anyway I could have a default email in the box instead of always typing in the same email?  Thanks, good day to all, Louis


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You could always use a Zapier "zap". Clip the statement to a notebook in Evernote, and have Zapier take new notes from that notebook and send it to your gmail. 


That being said, if you already clip the statement to Evernote, why send it to gmail? Evernote and Gmail are effectively doing the same job in this scenario, do you really need it done twice? 


Once the statement is in evernote, the same search query you have been using in Gmail should return the statement you are looking for. 

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