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Cancel edit / undo

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Perhaps I'm missing how to do these very basic standard functions but for the life of me I can't seem to accomplish them.

It seems that as you open/edit a note any changes you make (intentional or inadvertent) are immediate and permanent. The only way to 'undo' said changes is to, if you're lucky, go into the desktop client (or web client via desktop?) and pray that there is a semi-current 'version' you can restore (which, I'm finding, does NOT preserve tags)??

I was adding text to an existing note containing a PDF and for some reason the attachment got 'overwritten' as if it had somehow gotten 'selected' and typed over as I was merely typing away. Poof! Document gone! No way to undo the (erroneous bug) edit nor simply cancel the edit session thereby leaving the note as it was. Nothing. Gone.

I find it difficult to believe and accept that something so simple has been omitted. Is it possible to have this basic/universal functionality included/restored to the app?

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Shake to undo on an iphone or iPad. On the iPad there is also an undo button in the number/symbol keyboard (which is the OS standard).

Yes, indeed this would be the 'standard' behavior I was describing...

Having said that I just tested with a new note and the undo dialogue did appear as expected. Odd that it did not at the time I needed it. Though as a side note note it only restores one character at a time and would have required a lot of shaking and tapping to backtrack to the point where the document overwrite occurred (I didn't notice it had been removed until I finished typing).

Apart from whatever glitch (iOS?) that prevented undo from functioning that particular time, it still leaves the cancel function on the table.

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Undo is not something I've had need to use very often on iOS so I'm not sure if the behavior is any different than it would be elsewhere beyond EN. Apparently it is also a bit temperamental in deciding when an undo is available/applicable.

Having a 'cancel' function when opening/editing an existing note, however, would have completely alleviated the problem in this case.

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Yes this is a horrible glitch in the Evernote software. When you have an item selected if you drag another item into the PC Suite it will overwrite the original item with no way to get it back ever. Undo does not work.


This issue is a very sloppy programming issue in my perspective this along with many other issues like the very glitchy table system in Evernote make the software almost unusable because your data is not safe. 

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