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I wanted to make a post about suggestions I have. Perhaps people have suggested these before if so, so what?, it only goes to show that they are wanted... To folks that read this I'm not going on the warpath and neither should anyone else if you read this :)

the suggestions are in full here 




and only because I'm a kind of visual guy (isn)


for disambiguation and quick reference here's the list which is explained in the notebook much better


Shop suggestion - how the shop should behave

Sharing suggestion - how the sharing windows can be clarified

Standalone internet browser - where it could go and how it would work

Standalone web search - where it could go

Annotations interface suggestion

Cascading lists similar to explore evernote for user defined stuff



I wrote these tagged for mac only because I use evernote on Mac mostly (iPhone too) it may be that windows users have different interface but if they don't have any of those features I think they would benefit from them too :)



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[iphone] further suggestion added


Folks the snapshot feature on iPhone is awesome!!! with the exception of that in my opinion the document feature should behave much like the card scanner. I found that taking scans of documents is a much easier proposition when i use the business card feature because it reads the entire document “INCLUDING’ parts of it that have graphics and no lettering. This can be important if say you want to scan a certificate. The document feature merely takes into account the ‘functional’ bits of the document i.e where there is lettering whereas you might want to include the whole document i.e. the logos and so on of your certificate for obvious reasons. Ergo the credit card function with its nifty ‘auto detection box’ is awesome PLEASE include this to the ‘document’ side of things too 

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If you want to add to the discussion here, then I'd suggest that you post your actual suggestions, rather than making interested parties chase them down in your note. That way, interested commentators can discuss items with the suggestions available in the context of this topic. In fact, since some of these items don't relate specifically to Evernote the product (the forum that you're posting in), it might be better to make separate forum topics for each of them, and post them in the appropriate topic, so that other forum users can find them more easily.

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