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Deleting Tags on Mac in Tag List View

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I know there is another forum on deleting tags, but it did not help me. 


I think there is some confusion regarding the question. 


I understand that when I have a note open, I can highlight a tag and hit the delete key and delete the tag. That is not the problem. 


When I click on the Tags view on the left panel, there is a list of all tags that I have created. I have tried everything that would make logical sense to delete some of these tags and it does not work. I have highlighted the tag and clicked on the "Clear Selection" button, but that did not work. I have highlighted the tag and hit the delete key, but that did not work. I have also tried this holding down on the Command and Control and Option and Shift Keys while hitting the Delete key, and it did not work. The ONLY way I can delete the tag from the tag list view is to go to my iPhone app and delete it there. It is impossible for me to permanently delete a tag from the Tag view (NOT FROM THE NOTE VIEW). I even tried selecting a tag and deleting all the text in the tag so it has no name, thinking that would work. It did not. 

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