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Can I create a notebook inside a notebook?

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Can anyone tell me how i create a notebook within a notebook? eg i want to start a Customer Notebook, then with in if have separate notebooks for each cleint. Once this is set up how would i email to that 2nd lever notebook? I know that if i put the @ symbol it will go to the notebook, but not sure how i get it into the right folder. I hope that makes sense.

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The Canon:

  • Notes contain your content: text, images, attachments
  • Notebooks contain only notes, and not other notebooks (or stacks)
  • Stacks contain only notebooks, and not other stacks (or notes)

Do not confuse notebooks with folders in a file system; you cannot nest them, except under a stack. Stacks so not themselves nest, your your storage hierarchy is essentially a maximum of two levels deep, not including notes: the top level can contain stacks and notebooks, and the second level can only contain notebooks that reside in stacks.


If you want to have a notebook per client, then you can do that, and organize them using stacks. You should be aware that Evernote only allows you 250 notebooks currently.
If you email to a notebook, then that should work regardless of whether it's a member of a stack or not.
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what are tags?

They are like Gmail's labels. You can assign a tag to as many different notes as you like, and you can assign as many tags to 1 note as you like, which makes them more flexible than notebooks.


So, let's say you have a note about 3 different subjects, e.g.: car, insurance, dealer outlet. Using notebooks you can put that note in 1 notebook only, not in 3 notebooks, as one would ideally like to do. However, you can assign 3 tags to that one note, i.e. tag car, tag insurance, tag dealer outlet. Then, if some time in the future you want to gather all your notes relating to the subject car, you just filter for the tag car, and this note will be among them.

Thus, if you have 10 notes whose content is about cars, you assign all 10 of them tag car.


In fact, one needs very few notebooks only, whereas the essential organisation of your notes can be handled with tags.

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still not sure how you make a tag? 


Depends on which desktop version of Evernote you use. I use the Windows version, which means you can create a tag in the right hand pane. There is a button for it - see pink arrow in my example in the thumbnail.

By the way, try playing around with Evernote a bit to get a feel for what features are available & how things work.

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