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Annotate PDF and export Annotations as hyperlinks to page?


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Is there a method in Evernote to take notes or make comments on a PDF and then export those comments with links back to the particular page in the PDF? The application is for a law firm cataloging facts found in a variety of documents.


What I'd like to be able to do is read a PDF, say a 150 page transcript of a deposition, take notes on each page of that .pdf, and then export all those notes with hyperlinks back to their relevant pages in spreadsheet form.  Bonus points if I can tag each comment and the tag is also export to the spreadsheet. 


Our goal is to be able to have one person read each document, make the necessary comments (e.g. on pg 26 the homeowner admits he knew his roof was in poor condition before his neighbor fell off - I'd want to make a comment on pg 26 and assign the comment the tag "liability"), and then export all this to a spreadsheet which would be a record of where all the relevant facts were in that one document.


Please ask questions if this is unclear. I can try posting a step by step description of how I envision this working. 


Thanks very much.

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Hi.  No.  There's no reasonable way to pack all that functionality into something that works with Evernote.  If you're finding the app valuable in other ways,  you could certainly do your data extraction on a PDF document and then attach both the original and any related commentaries to a note so that they're generally available.  But you need something else to annotate,  link and report on documents in detail as you've outlined above.

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