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Selects comments, not article?



I'm using both Clearly and the Web Clipper in Chrome.


Usually when I want to clip an entire article, it works fine, but sometimes it selects only the comments, or something else outside of the article.


If I use the "+" button to expand the selection, the clipper again decides what to include, rather than letting me drag the box to include what I want. 


Sometimes it selects the article + comments, which is a bit better, but I still have to delete hundreds of comments if I don't want them. 


Why does it do this?


The only way to get around when this happens, it seems, is to select exactly what I want to clip. 

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You need to understand that the web clipper needs to guess sometimes which bit is the article and which bit is the comments (or other stuff that you don't want). It would probably be useful if you posted the URL you are trying to clip from and what was actually clipped (and browser plus OS, etc.), or submit it in a support request. That way Evernote can try it out for themselves.

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