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Lost edits to attachment

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I've just read posts detailing the capabilities of EN to save changes on an attachment, but I'm not sure if anything's different now; I imported a word doc attachment to EN where I made edits. Throughout these edits, I was connected to a network and saved frequently (clicked 'save' without specifying a destination). When I closed the note, I chose "Append New" butmy Nexus 7 froze on that process so I had to do an improper shutdown and restart. Now I cannot find the modified file. Any chance those edits ended up somewhere?

I've already tried syncing, checked my Drive, and it's not in downloads. EN just loads the original unchanged attachment. So what was the point of me "saving"? Where did it save to?

Please help, thank you.

Edit: Ah I found it. It saved to my tablet's word processor "quick office" app, which I dont remember if it was stock or downloaded but im so damn happy it went somewhere.

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