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Lost notes - corrupted software ?

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Did earlier post - "lost note and how to recover that note".   I thought I must have accidentally deleted the text of one note.


But now I'm looking through my database -  and I see dozens of notes where body text is deleted - and only the title is shown.


Something is wrong with the EN software - I did not accidentally delete these.


Something is corrupt - very frustrating - anything I can do ?


The "body" of these notes is not visible in laptop PC client - but I can see them on web client - if I sync now, I will lose the body of the notes on web.


Something appears seriously wrong with latest EN Windows client !


Thanks !

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If you don't have any unsynced or purely local notes on your desktop,  you could simply exit Evernote (File > Exit) rename the database and log back in - this would force Evernote to rebuild your database from the server.  If that doesn't work for any reason you can simply replace the new database with the old one and you will be no worse off.  I'd suggest you note some of the notes with which you're having difficulty so you can doublecheck that they're fixed by the new download.

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