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Scan to Evernote- HP printer--- close but Oh So Far!

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I have a new HP 8615 printer with which I want to scan directly to Evernote like my old Lexmark did.  Lexmark doesn't support that anymore.  With HP I have ability to Scan to Network Folders.  I set it up to scan to One Drive and then right click and send to Evernote.  It works to get from Point A to B but I want to scan from ADF and have it sync automatically to Evernote. I want to avoid step 3 and go from Direct scan to Step 4. Any suggestions?





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I'll give this a shot--


Hi Krasher, this should work (I'm working on windows desk top, if that is not you, tell us what you got)

  1. You want to set up a folder in your computer somewhere that can be the "dump in-box" for scanned documents
  2. Go to the top menu bar  and hit Tools -> Import  Folders -> Add folder -> and go sellect your "dump in-box" folder
  3. Have you scanner print to that folder "dump in-box"

The rest is automatic -- Evernote will fetch all the documents in that import folder and put them inside Evernote


I haven't tried it but network folders should work  . . .I think

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If there are any problems using the network folder as an Import Folder,  you can always make one extra step - I always scan to a non-import folder for the times when I need to rotate a document / add to file names / merge or split files.  When I finish scanning I do a batch OCR on all the files and drag and drop all of them into the Import Folder.  If you're supremely efficient (or lazy)  you can also use a file management tool like Belvedere to transfer files from one folder to another at specific times.

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 You don't have to do the "send-to".  You can set Evernote to look to a specific folder for changes.  My all-in-one won't scan to a network location like you suggest and I have to use the app that comes with the scanner.  No big deal.  I scan to a folder I call "Evernote Scans" and it automatically imports into the default folder in Evernote.  By the Time I get to Evernote it is there waiting for me.

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