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New Lifelogging/Journaling App for Evernote

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Announcing a beta for TuskTools LifeLog:


This is a mobile app - iPhone for now, Android likely if there is sufficient demand - which records the places you visit throughout each day. Whenever you depart a location that you’ve been at for about 5 minutes or more, LifeLog adds a note into a “LifeLog” notebook in Evernote, indicating where you were and when you arrived there. Just keep it running in the background on your phone and it will do its thing.


Currently there's no interface in the app on the phone beyond a simple display of your last recorded location - the idea being that Evernote provides the interface. This may change going forward, depending on user feedback. Also, there's a lot of room for potential enhancement - for example: adding in photos that you took during the relevant time period, recording calendar appointments from that time, linking to other Evernote notes that were created at that time, etc. Again, user feedback will help to provide direction.


This is an initial beta version and hasn't undergone much testing yet, so testers and feedback are welcome!


If interested in testing, please sign up to download the app.


Please send questions, issues, and feedback to support@moreproductivenow.com.


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