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How can I organize my notes WITHIN One notebook the way I want to

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hmmmmmm   . . . . well . . . . . that's what I call an open ended question.


But you are asking the right questions . . . .


Let's start with "The Benefit of Using Tags"  start with that thread -- https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/57740-the-benefit-of-using-tags/


The crux of the solution to "organizing notes WITHIN One notebook" is that you  . . . DON''T  You spend your energy making sure your naming is consistent and getting it tagged correctly so you can find it on retrieval and you don't HAVE to spend any time on "organizing"


Search the forum for  "How to make Table of Contents"


Search the forum for "Saved Searches"


its kind of hard to answer your question. It's sort of like this. . . ..


A bunch of us are at the docks of a marina and in comes this bright eyed eager sailor with their brand new sailor clothes on and they walk up to the seasoned sailors and they ask . . ."So . .. . how do i sail that 30 foot schooner?"


but seriously,  try this grasshopper and then come back when you read that  https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/57740-the-benefit-of-using-tags/

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Let me just add one other thought. It might have sounded as if I was being dismissive and I wasn't.  The power of Evernotes searching is amazing. What you have to do is develop a system of naming notes and tagging and then make sure you are extremely consistent with that naming and tagging.   When I search for something just 2 tags and one or two key word should get me a list of possible notes that I can count on one hand . . .. or two . . . (I have a little over 5,000 notes)


Projects -- get their own "Table of Contents" note page. Critical "Table of Contents" notes are put on Shortcuts -- And daily saved searches for unfinished projects categorized by importance-- (again using tags to assign importance ) -- you honestly don't need Notebooks. I also like links back and forth between notes of a project I am working on and a link back to the table of contents.  So once I find one of the notes in a project I can locate where I need to go with links


The only need for notebooks if for the things Tags can not do

1)  Group notes to share with others

2)  Group notes for private local only - unsycnched notes

3)  Group notes that you want to be shown as grouped in reminders ie, sales calls, school projects, work due dates, etc.

4) Grouped notes that you want downloaded on your cell phone for instant retrieval 


It is sort of hard to wrap your mind around the idea that you aren't going to be "organizing" "folders" anymore but look at the mega users that have tens of thousands of notes and MOST of these mega users spend very little time "organizing" and they can retrieve exactly what they need in seconds

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Thing is: I like to use a Notebook like a "Playlist" and would like to drag the notes around into a certain "track" order like songs. Seems much easier to me then putting tags on everything and then remembering what tags I put on them or having to file the tags and .....

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People often say "I want the app to do what I need, how I need it, rather than adjusting to the app". While that seems fair in the 1st instance, it is not if you think about it. An app is designed with a certain objective & a certain type of user in mind. If a user is new to the app they should try to get their mind around how the app functions, what features it has to offer and how all of this can be used optimally.

Trying to use the app to the way they were using other apps in the past will only lead to frustrations. If the new app does not offer exactly what you are looking for, try to perhaps use another app in parallel that offers complementary features, or, failing that, abandon the new app altogether.

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How can I organize my notes WITHIN One notebook the way I want to? Evernote organizes them following what criteria???

All of the Evernote clients that I am aware of maintain note list sort order (the "sort by" function you discovered) as a global setting; there is no way to specify note list sort order for a single notebook.

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