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Sync with the Evernote Web site

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I have been having trouble getting my data in Evernote on my desktop to sync with the Evernote web.  What do I need to check to see if there are restrictions that would cause this to happen.  I have Evernote on my Android phone and tablet (Galaxy Note 8).  Those devises won't sync either.



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Always helpful to tell us which OS and Evernote client you're using.


First: check the Evernote.com version of your notes.  Log in via the menu and see whether the notes you have created are there.  If not,  your problem is solely that the desktop isn't giving any information to the server,  so your other devices can't catch up.


Next: what does your Evernote client say?  There should be a manual Sync option.  What happens when you push it?  Can you get web pages?  Is the desktop connecting to the internet?


Please tell us how many notes you have too.

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Also, confirm that you are definitely signed in to all devices and the web interface with the exact same account. If you accidentally created two accounts, it will appear as though syncing isn't happening, when really you are using to completely separate accounts. 


If this is indeed the issue, the solution is to log out of the incorrect account and log into the correct account that contains your notes. 

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