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(Archived) How Guy Kawasaki uses Evernote - 14 suggestions

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Great article. Although there are several ideas mentioned that I don't use EN for b/c of either security issues (IE passwords, bank info) or backup reasons (I use Jungle DIsk), I think this shows a few of the many, many ways EN can be helpful in daily life.

Although I've used PDAs for ~9 years, I finally reached a point ~2 years ago where I said there were to be no stickies, no notes written on the back of envelopes, etc anywhere in the house. Info HAD to be entered into my PDA & sticky/note tossed. Admittedly, I do take manual notes while on the phone b/c it's easier for me. But once the phone call is over, the info was/is to be entered onto the computer/PDA. But b/c I'm very anal, I'd always manually enter the info & then scan the paper/envelope before tossing, in case I'd written something incorrectly. (It happens!) If info seemed incorrect, I could refer to the scan & see my notes. Anyway, I now use my iPhone to do this process (take a photo of the manual note before tossing & u/l to Evernote) and don't need to manually type the info in. Not only a time saver, but it's just like having that sticky/envelope right there with me without the clutter.

I'm currently in the process of trying to convert my husband to EN. He's always ripping ads from the paper about people to do yard work, painting, car detailing, etc. So I either take a photo of the ad or scan them (sometimes iPhone photos aren't that great) and put them in EN. I'm going to set up a notebook I share with him where I can put all this info. Then, when he wants to know certain info, maybe he'll go into EN & find it. ;)

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